Mouthgenics Dental Probiotics launching July 31st!

Mouthgenics Dental Probiotics launching

* Update: We know you’ve all been eagerly waiting for our Dental Probiotics launch, and trust us, we’ve been just as stoked to bring it to you. However, life threw us a little curveball.

Unfortunately, our manufacturer’s machinery suddenly decided to go on a label-sticking strike! A pesky little fault with the bottle labelling process has caused a slight delay in our Dental Probiotics production.

We’re incredibly sorry for this unexpected hiccup. We’re expecting a 1 week delay, but while we can’t predict the exact date of the launch just yet, we promise to keep you in the loop as and when we hear.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for sticking by us, your support means everything.

After two years of planning, research and product development,  Mouthgenics are proud to launch their flagship product – Dental Probiotics – available to buy July 31st!

The chewable tablet is formulated with a powerful blend of probiotics and ingredients, scientifically proven to neutralise unpleasant odours and promote fresher breath.

Unlike mouthwashes or sprays that offer temporary relief, and does more harm than good, Mouthgenics’ unique formula tackles bad breath from the root cause, offering long-lasting results and promoting sustained oral freshness.

Key benefits of the Mouthgenics Chewable Tablet include:

  • Effective Bad Breath Relief: The advanced formula addresses the root causes of bad breath, eliminating foul odors and leaving users with lasting fresh breath.
  • Enhanced Oral Health: 7 Powerful Strains specially targeted at dental health work to strengthen gums, reduce plaque build-up, and protect against gum disease, promoting healthier teeth and gums.
  • Made in the UK for the UK. 
  • Vegan friendly: Unlike other supplements on the market, we use BLIS Technologies‘ latest dairy-free ingredients – the first manufacturer offering this in the UK.

Mouthgenics’ dedication to exceptional quality and safety is reflected in its commitment to using only premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Each batch of Mouthgenics Chewable Tablets undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to strict quality control standards, ensuring the highest level of efficacy and purity.

“We are thrilled to introduce Dental Probiotics to the market and offer a comprehensive solution to individuals struggling with bad breath and oral health concerns,” said Kadodia, Founder of Mouthgenics. “With our commitment to quality and innovation, we aim to empower individuals to achieve optimal oral well-being and restore their confidence.”

Mouthgenics is set to launch its unique production July 31st, with a mission to redefine oral care and improve the lives of individuals in the UK. 

About Mouthgenics:

Mouthgenics is a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for oral health. With a focus on dental probiotics and scientific research, Mouthgenics aims to help the oral care industry by offering effective, convenient, and high-quality products. The company’s flagship product, Dental Probiotics, addresses bad breath and gingivitis, helping individuals achieve lasting fresh breath and restoring their confidence.

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