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“After one month it turned my teeth few shades whiter, they don’t look that terrible yellowish shade most of the time, no matter how hard and how often I’d brush them, and I can dare to smile almost freely again.”

Customer feedback is invaluable to us, and today, we’re starting a customer review series sharing some great reviews from our satisfied customers.

In this first post, meet Angela. Their experience with Mouthgenics Dental Probiotics truly exemplifies the impact of our product in improving oral health and restoring confidence.

It reaffirms our mission to revolutionise oral hygiene and underscores the importance of customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Impact on Oral Health

Angela’s review underscores the transformative effects of Mouthgenics Dental Probiotics in promoting overall oral health and healing. From whitening teeth to addressing gum recession and cavity issues, the benefits of our product extend far beyond fresher breath:

I wanted to tell you that you’ve created a wonderful product. Very effective and in all honesty I am telling you that I wouldn’t expected it to be quite so.

After one month it turned my teeth few shades whiter, they don’t look that terrible yellowish shade most of the time, no matter how hard and how often I’d brush them, and I can dare to smile almost freely again.

Another blessed effect was that my receding gums started to heal and the roots that were orangey coloured turned whitish.

They are not completely healed yet, but given such quick results in one month there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be absolutely fine in several months of treating them with your wonderful product.

I have to also mention that one cavity that lost a filling shows signs of healing, the dark part is getting gradually lighter and lighter and I am totally amazed by it.

This happened after using not one tablet a day, but 2-3/day and I am sure that if I would have used more, the results would have been more impressive, but I need to keep the cost down for now, so I’ll stick to 2/day.

But if it wasn’t for this, I would have used more, if only just to see how far the healing can go with them. 

I saw on your website that you’ve completely changed the front page, advertising your product solely for bad breath and I have to tell you that you make your product a great injustice.

Although I understand that there might be a big market out here for bad breathers, if I would have come across your website coming off with this bad breath based front page, I would have never bought your product.
For the simple reason that I do not have a bad breath.

I was looking for a product able to rebuilt my mouth microbiome the way nature always intended with us and that we have destroyed it along the years with our ‘civilised’ food habits.

I was looking for a product able to heal/treat my teeth naturally, like I read in several books that it’s possible and this is exactly what you were saying on your website at the time of my first purchase.

And this is exactly what it did. Hope you’ll put back on the front page the initial information that your product heals teeth and gums, because this is exactly what it does and this is no small matter. It’s actually a great one.

All the best, 

Expanding Beyond Bad Breath: A Complete Oral Health Solution

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Angela for their glowing review and for sharing their experience with Mouthgenics.

Our product is carefully crafted with a blend of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that work synergistically to rebalance the oral microbiome, strengthen teeth and gums, and support overall oral health. Each ingredient is selected for its unique ability to contribute to a healthy mouth, ensuring that every chewable tablet packs a powerful punch.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, we embarked on a mission to develop a product that would not only combat bad breath but also promote healing and restoration within the mouth. Drawing on the latest advancements in probiotics and oral care research, we formulated Mouthgenics Dental Probiotics to be a comprehensive solution for oral health.

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