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Mouthgenics was founded in 2021 due to lack of premium quality dental probiotics products for the UK. Mouthgenics’ signature product, Dental Probiotics, is the first of its kind made in the UK. 

Most of us are aware of how probiotics can provide a number of positive health benefits to us such as improving digestive health, reducing inflammation and even treating infections. But did you know there are specific strains of dental probiotics which have been found to significantly improve our dental health?

Many people mistakenly believe the benefits stop at gut-health when it comes to probiotics – but recent studies show the power of healthy bacteria actually extends beyond the stomach to improve dental care too!

In 2020, we went out looking for a similar product.  And we quickly realised just how severely limited the options for the UK market were when it came to finding a good dental probiotic product in stores or online.

Every supplement we found had incomplete lists of beneficial strains, too high CFU counts, too many strains of probiotics (which is not always a good thing) or being made across the US and China; so there was no guarantee about production standards and ingredients.

Our goal was simple: create a dental probiotic that was not only effective but also made right here in the UK, with ingredients you could trust.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we’re honoured to be recognised and nominated for the Consumer Products StartUp of the Year Award.

Our Core Product: Dental Probiotics

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What Makes Mouthgenics Unique?

Mouthgenics is unique and different from other products on the market in several ways; our probiotics are specifically tailored for oral health and use only those ingredients backed by research and science. To find out more, take a look at our product in more detail.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is not only  embarrassing but it can also have a detrimental impact on the qualify of life. And it can be extremely tough to get rid of.

While there are many treatments available like mouthwash and chewing gum, they only mask the smell for a short while before it’s back to square one.

And sure, probiotic supplements are becoming increasingly popular, but:

  • Many are missing key ingredients.
  • They contain too high of a CFU (Colony Forming Unit) count.
  • They contain way too many strains (more isn’t always better).
  • Made in the US or China.
  • They do not do not specialise in the mouth only.

It’s important to choose  probiotic supplement that really specialises in the area you need and avoids the issues listed above. Otherwise, you risk not getting the full benefit of the probiotics. 

Premium, powerful formula by dentists and hygienists. Harness the power of 7 expertly chosen probiotic strains with 2bn CFU of BLIS K12 per tablet, dairy free. Ours work by producing natural antimicrobial peptides that actively target and inhibit bad breath causing bacteria.

Rather than using a probiotic blend, we have created our formula with 1bn CFU (measurement of probiotics) of each strain – and 2bn CFU of the BLIS K12. Per tablet! The result? A high strength formula which delivers maximum impact.

Over 50 research studies and trials published on the benefits of dental probiotics against bad breath/halitosis, gum disease and tooth decay. Streptococcus Salivarius K12 and Lactobacillus Reuteri are amongst the most researched strains for oral health.

Don’t let halitosis and poor oral hygiene control your life. Tackle the issue from the root cause. Say goodbye to confidence-shaking bad breath and social anxiety, and hello to your confident, best self. Restore your oral microbiome.

Only product with dairy-free BLIS K12. We cater to all and only use the dairy free version. This product is Gluten-Free and suitable for vegans – we’ve paid special attention to make them taste great too!



We’re committed to more than just promoting oral health – we’re also trying to do our part minimising our environmental footprint. And, we proudly support our local community by exclusively partnering with UK-based businesses.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from our product formulation to our packaging choices:

Compostable Bottles
We’re proud to use 100% compostable bottles, manufactured from recycled sugarcane. These innovative bottles not only reduce our carbon footprint but also offer a renewable alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Recycled, Reusable Mailing Bags:
When it comes to shipping to you, we use recycled mailing bags from No Issue, made from recycled plastics, and, these poly mailers are reusable!

Recyclable Bubble Wrap Pouches:
We understand the importance of protecting our products during shipping, which is why we use self-seal bubble wrap pouches. They’re also fully recyclable and, we keep them unsealed so you can use them again. These are sourced from Priory Direct.

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